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Sinai Health System introduces its Vision, Mission and Values

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Marking its one year anniversary, Sinai Health System is pleased to introduce a newly articulated corporate direction, through its Vision, Mission and Values.
In January 2015, Mount Sinai Hospital, Bridgepoint Active Healthcare, Circle of Care and Lunenfeld Tanebaum Reseach Institute came together to form Sinai Health System. Its goal was to leverage its collective expertise to create a system that better responded to the changing needs of patients, families and clients. Sinai System was launched to serve patients across the continuum of care and life course by integrating acute, complex chronic care, rehabilitative care with primary and community-based care.  Its goal was also to further its academic role by creating new, academic, clinical models for complex patients and building an integrated research enterprise, focused on discovery and innovative health solutions.

"The past 12 months have been an incredible journey as we have begun to move from operating as separate organizations to one," said Joseph Mapa, President and CEO of Sinai Health System. "What brought us together was the shared belief that we could do better for our patients together.  So much has been accomplished over the course of the year, including a very focused and deliberate exploration of what the future looks like for patient care. While it was a common direction that created Sinai Health System, to gain traction we needed to be able to effectively express it to our patients, families, clients, donors and staff.  The result is our new Vision, Mission and Values. Together, they make up our fundamental statements of purpose that will be the compass to guide us each and every day."  

Along with the new Vision, Mission and Values comes a refreshed visual identity. "From the beginning, we wanted our new visual identity to reflect the diversity and uniqueness of our organizations with bold, vibrant colours that stand out with confidence and clarity," said Mr. Mapa. "I believe that the new logo accomplishes those things while also signaling a clear message of unity -it is a terrific reflection of who we are."

Sinai Health System will move forward with building a system that reflects the changing needs of patients, while continuing to provide the very best patient-centred care for patients and families.

Sinai Health System: Vision, Mission and Values