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It's Flu Season -Help Keep Our Patients Safe!

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Flu season is upon us and many of our patients, including newborns and the frail elderly, are more vulnerable to serious illness and complications from influenza. Our healthcare providers use routine practices to prevent the spread of infection. However, family members, visitors and volunteers also play a critical role in keeping our environment safe during the flu season.

 Please take the time to review these resources before visiting the hospital.

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 Visitors' Checklist

Image of two stick figure people. One is sneezing on the other.Do not visit if you are ill. Flu symptoms include cough, fever, runny or stuffy nose

Image of drop of liquid with two hands shown inside.

Clean your hands often. Use hand sanitizer when you enter or leave a patient's room

Illustration of a flu virus  Avoid touching your face. Tiny viruses enter your body through your eyes, nose, and mouth

Illustration of a healthcare professional giving a flu shot.Get your flu shot
It's the best protection we have against the flu!

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Influenza 101

There are a lot of myths about the flu and the flu shot. We want you to get the facts, not the flu! Click on the graphics/videos below to expand.

Infographic that has small images of a globe, a map of Canada and a hospital building

An infographic on the flu shot and how it's made with icons to illustrate the facts

Infographic with photos of a healthcare worker showing the steps to putting on and removing a procedure mask.

 Screen shot image from a video about how the flu spreads, Image shows an illustration of a mother and baby and text that says Babies under 6 months cannot get the flu shot

See how easily the flu can spread, infecting as many as 7 million Canadians each year.

screen shot from a video, image shows three dimensional illustration of a flu virus 

How does the flu virus attack your body? This interactive video explains what's going on. 

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 More Online Resources