Last year more than 2,100 patients received blood transfusions at Mount Sinai Hospital. This includes cancer treatment, patients in the Emergency Department or Intensive Care Unit (ICU), patients undergoing  surgery and patients giving birth. Even newborn babies may sometimes need blood.

It’s National Blood Donor Week (June 10-16) and we’re participating in #MissingType, a global awareness campaign reminding people everywhere that the simple act of giving blood saves lives every day.

This campaign encourages organizations to remove the As, Bs and Os from their websites, social media platforms and buildings for the week. Here at Sinai Health, you’ll see a banner on our websites that shows the letter ‘A’ vanishing from our logo and our Where Sinai Health Connects header is missing the As and the O.

We’re participating because providing life-giving blood transfusions for our patients wouldn’t be possible without blood donors and the work of Canadian Blood Services. This non-profit charitable organization manages the blood supply, from collecting, to processing and delivering blood to hospitals across Canada.

Every day at Mount Sinai our Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Department receives deliveries from Canadian Blood Services. The Transfusion Medicine Service team works to ensure patients get the blood they need whether they’re receiving red blood cells, plasma or platelets, type  A, B, AB, or O. Cesario Ilagan, Transfusion Safety Officer is part of the team. “The blood transfusion process involves multiple steps and multiple safety checks. I work collaboratively with our team and with clinical staff across the hospital to ensure patients get the blood they need safely,” he says. Check out the gallery below for a look behind the scenes at some of the steps in the transfusion process.

You can help by registering to be a blood donor at



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