Group of three MBA students

MBA students participating in Sinai Health System’s summer internship program presented findings on their projects to key stakeholders from across the organization.

A group of MBA students from some of Canada’s top business schools have wrapped up a productive summer internship at Sinai Health System. The four students were matched with executive mentors and had the opportunity to work with staff, physicians and leaders on strategic projects across Sinai Health. Each student worked on three or four projects over the summer, applying their business expertise to many different operations and functions across the organization, from clinical care processes to marketing, to operational readiness planning. The program has been running every summer for more than 10 years and is delivered through a collaborative effort of the Office of Strategy Management, Organizational Development and Workforce Planning.

The students’ findings and recommendations, which were recently presented to stakeholders from across the organization highlighted opportunities for improved processes and efficiency as well as revenue generation.

In reflecting on their summer here, we asked each of them: “One of Sinai Health System’s core values is innovation. How do you think the MBA Summer program impacts (or reflects) innovation at Sinai Health?”

Here’s what they had to say:

headshot of MBA student Jasmine GodfreyJasmine Godfrey
“All four of us (MBA Interns) have very diverse academic and professional backgrounds. As such, I think we were able to apply our own backgrounds to our projects to offer new approaches to the work being done at Sinai Health. For example, I have a background in psychology, and applied my research background to my work on Mount Sinai Fertility’s marketing by creating and administering surveys to better understand patient and referring physician relationships. Similarly, I think the fact that the MBA Internship program here at Sinai Health looks to recruit students with diverse backgrounds who can contribute meaningfully in a business capacity reflects the value that the organization places on innovation.”

Headshot of MBA student Hilary PartnerHilary Partner
“Innovation is the heart of the MBA Intern Program. Sinai Health System emphasizes strategic thinking as a driver for healthcare change, so it’s fitting to offer an internship program that leverages the skill set acquired by MBA students. My projects this summer all involved process redesign, which uses innovation as a key input. Overall, MBA Interns have the opportunity to bring fresh perspective to some really challenging healthcare problems.”


Headshot of MBA student Jennifer SiamJennifer Siam
“Innovation is a dynamic idea of exploring new or better methods of creating value, and outcomes that can range from a new idea emerging from an old one, or the creation of a completely new concept. The MBA program at Sinai Health System exposes interns to the various forms of innovation. Given the variety, depth and breadth of the projects that are assigned in the MBA internship, there are a lot of opportunities to bring an original methodology or solution to the table. With the support of the wonderful community here at Sinai Health, and a fresh pair of eyes on an issue, innovation is sure to occur.”


Headshot of MBA student Erik SuokasErik Suokas
“Sinai Health System’s commitment to patient care coupled with cutting edge technology and research exudes the underlying values of what a leading health care institution is. The diverse nature of the summer MBA interns in terms of past employment, school programs and life experiences provides a comprehensive pool of knowledge from which the organization draws and benefits.  The careful matching of interns to projects that tease out competitive advantages only strengthens the work done and the innovative processes at Sinai Health. Innovation is not only undertaken on the medical research and care delivery side, but by placing MBA interns in various roles in Business Development and other units within the hospital, a different approach to innovation is enjoyed – one that utilizes skills learned in business school.”

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