Caregiver support at SInai Health
From developing innovative apps to offering unique programs and services, The Cyril & Dorothy, Joel & Jill Reitman Centre for Alzheimer’s Support and Training is widely recognized for its leadership and expertise in supporting those caring for friends or family members with dementia.

In recognition of Alzheimer’s Awareness Month this January, we are shining the spotlight on Sinai Health’s influential and recognized Alzheimer’s support programs, experts and researchers. This week, learn more about the notable programs and services offered by the Reitman Centre to support those caring for a loved one with dementia:

  • Offered at both Mount Sinai and Bridgepoint, our CARERS Program will teach you practical skills-based tools and offer the emotional support needed to provide care for loved ones with dementia. Read more.
  • Our Working CARERS Program is provided by some employers and helps participants balance their professional life and caring for a loved one with dementia. Learn more.
  • An award-winning app called Dementia Advisor offers effective coping skills and expert coaching through scenario-based training using chat. Learn more.

Stay tuned for more highlights throughout the rest of the month!

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