Sinai Health’s Director of Geriatrics Discusses the Future Provision of Long-Term Care in Canada

October 10, 2019
As Sinai Health’s Director of Geriatrics, Dr. Samir Sinha is familiar with the frustrations many patients and their caregivers feel...
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Sinai Health researcher finds dog owners may live longer

October 8, 2019
Dr. Caroline Kramer, Endocrinologist and Clinician Scientist at Mount Sinai Hospital’s Leadership Sinai Centre for Diabetes, has made some important findings that will cause dog lovers to rejoice. Most significantly, compared to non-owners, dog owners experienced a 24% reduced risk of all-cause mortality; a 65% reduced risk of mortality after heart attack, and 31% reduced risk of mortality due to cardiovascular-related issues.
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Rehabilitation and complex continuing care at Sinai Health

October 1, 2019
Throughout October, we’ll be exploring Sinai Health’s commitment to rehabilitation and complex continuing care, and our passion for connecting our...
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