Dr. Derek Ceccarelli What is Dr. Derek Ceccarelli, Research Associate at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute doing?

a)      Catching some fresh air while examining an x-ray?

b)      Trying to read the address of the Sinai Eye Clinic and wondering how long the wait time is for a retina consult?

c)      Experiencing the solar eclipse with his colleagues?

C! Staff and trainees gathered outside both of our campuses on Monday, to experience a rare partial solar eclipse. Since special protective glasses were in short supply, some used x-ray film to protect their eyes from the striking sight of the moon passing in a direct line between the earth and sun. “the exposed x-ray film provides good protection,” says Dr. David Yan, our new Chief of  Ophthalmology, “although not as complete as proper eye-wear. It works – as long as you’re not staring at the sun for extended periods of time.”  Staff who had glasses were generous in sharing them at both sites so that everyone could experience the eclipse’s beauty.

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