A large group of employees cuts a ribbon to mark the opening of a new unit at the hospital. One person at the front holds the scissors near the ribbon.

Six years after moving from an old building into a new purpose-built hospital, Bridgepoint employees got to put their moving skills to good use once again. On May 1, in an atmosphere of calm, smooth efficiency, Bridgepoint employees and volunteers worked together to move 21 patients from the hospital’s fourth floor to 10 North, the new permanent home of the Albert and Temmy Latner Family Palliative Care Unit. And they did it all in less than an hour.

The move was choreographed down to the minute. The first patient, Angus Dalrymple, departed his room at exactly 9:30 a.m. Minutes later, he was welcomed to the 10th floor by the waiting team members. A volunteer was on hand to help him and his wife get settled and soon, the room was set up just like the one on the fourth floor. “It’s just like moving house,” said Angus.

Photo shows head and shoulders of Angus and Elfie as they hold hands and pose for a photo in Angus's hospital room

Angus and Elfie Dalrymple

Angus and Elfie both said they were looking forward to having a little more space. They have been married 53 years and she is always by his side. The new room has the same view of the Toronto skyline. From here Angus and Elfie can see their apartment building. The lounge chair that converts into a bed is placed in the corner by the window for Elfie.

The 10th floor unit was designed for the needs of palliative care patients and their families. Each of the 24 rooms is private, with extra space for a family caregiver to stay over. Patients and families have access to a rooftop terrace and spectacular view of the city. There is also a sitting area and kitchen facilities.

The move took six months of planning. A family caregiver also participated to provide insight on the patient and family experience. Preparations included reviewing all clinical processes and procedures; obtaining the right equipment, technology, and furniture; applying a fresh coat of paint; and cleaning the previously unoccupied unit.

“Throughout this entire process everyone involved demonstrated their passion for their work and their focus on providing the best possible experience for our patients and their families,” said Michael Calvert, Senior Director, Specialized Medicine and Complexity Care.

Susanne Loay, Patient Care Manager for the Palliative care Unit was impressed with how smooth and swift the move went. “Based on the hospital move six years ago, we knew this unit move was going to be smooth and painless. I would like to extend a big thanks to all departments involved with the preparation who helped make this move happen.

With the move complete, the team marked their achievement by walking or dancing onto the unit under a decorated limbo stick as celebratory music played—carrying on a tradition from the big move six years ago. They celebrated with an inter-department lunch to mark this new milestone.


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