Sinai Health System supports lifelong learning and excellence through a number of annual scholarships and bursaries to employees and their children. At an award ceremony last week, awards were presented to recipients who were referred to as the “crème de la crème” of Sinai Health by Jackie James, VP of Education, who co-led this initiative with Susan Brown, VP of Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer.

“As an academic organization, Sinai Health System is committed to creating an environment where the brightest minds want to spend their careers and these awards are one of the ways we achieve this,” said Jackie James. Susan Brown added, “We are thrilled to offer these scholarships and awards to acknowledge and congratulate the most exceptional staff and their children who are the leaders of tomorrow.”

Get to know more about these inspiring colleagues of ours, and the scholarships and bursaries available:

Scholarship and Awards CeremonyThis year, Vicki Lau, Elder Life Specialist, received the Valerie Fine Bursary for her outstanding contribution to patient care, and passionate commitment to teaching and supporting volunteers on how to interact and engage with elderly patients. Vicki is known among her colleagues for taking the time to listen to patients, and bringing them a sense of dignity and enjoyment. This $2,000 bursary supports continuing education towards the promotion of patient care excellence, and was established in honour of the late Mrs. Valerie Fine, Honorary Officer of the Board.

Scholarship and Awards CeremonyResearch Assistant Sepand Alavifard came by during lunch break on his first day of second year medical school to accept the Rose Torno Bursary for his work in the development of a study which may help better predict which women will have a successful induction, leading to a better experience for women, and less strain on labour and delivery wards. This $2,000 bursary is awarded to a Sinai Health System employee or trainee who has the ability to work well with others, has a commitment to lifelong learning, and a demonstrated interest in meeting the clinical educational needs of themselves, their peers, patients and families. The award’s namesake, Rose Torno, was the founding president of the Mount Sinai Hospital Auxiliary wished to encourage an interest in research and continuing education.

Scholarship and Awards CeremonyScholarship and Awards CeremonyThe Bernard Ghert Award recognizes commitment to patient care and is usually awarded to one recipient. Due to the high calibre applications received this year, two equally-deserving residents received this award. Dr. Tyler Chesney, Surgical Resident, was one of the outstanding recipients and exemplifies patient focused care through providing compassionate care in a way that honours patients and families, and takes care of fellow learners while forging true alliances with allied health staff. Dr. Jonathan Yip of the Otolaryngology department has a strong commitment to mentoring and sharing his knowledge with junior medical trainees and shows equal excellence in caring for patients and families.

Scholarship and Awards CeremonyLast but not least, Yael Morris (daughter of Dr. Andrew Morris), and Halton Quach (son of Ken Quach), were the successful recipients for the Diamond Jubilee Scholarship based on their academic achievements and contributions to the community. An excellent student and gifted singer, Yael has a strong desire to help others and support causes that help those in need. Also an excellent student who is well respected among his teachers and colleagues, Halton has found the time to log more than 800 hours as a volunteer at Bridgepoint. This scholarship of $1,000 was initiated in celebration of Mount Sinai’s 75th anniversary and is awarded to children of Sinai Health System staff who are about to enter their first year of post-secondary education, or who are currently enrolled in a post-secondary program at an accredited college or university.

Congratulations to this year’s deserving recipients who have demonstrated excellence, humility and perseverance!

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