In our latest In the News round-up, our experts share findings about high-intensity antibiotic prescribers, the overprescription of vitamin B12 shots, and how crafting can be an effective self-care tool – plus an announcement about a generous donation to continue Sinai Health’s significant contributions to elder care.

Image with description of ICES study findings

A new study from ICES and published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine found that doctors who are high-intensity antibiotic prescribers were also more likely to prescribe benzodiazepines, opioids and proton-pump inhibitors compared to average-intensity antibiotic prescribers. This finding may help to screen physicians who could benefit from interventions on appropriate prescribing. Sinai Health authors include Dr. Kieran Quinn, Dr. Nathan Stall, Dr. Andrew Morris, Dr. Allan Detsky, Lianne Jeffs and Dr. Chaim Bell. Read more about the study here.

Christina Dashko

By day, Christina Dashko is a Spiritual Care Practitioner at Mount Sinai Hospital, providing spiritual and religious care to patients, families, and staff,. By night, she loves to craft. In this blog post for publisher DK, Christina shares how creativity plays a role in self-care in both her personal and professional life while she explores some of DK’s crafting books. Read  about how crafting can be a form of meditation and more here. 


Allan Slaight

The Slaight Family Foundation announced a donation of $15 million given to 13 Toronto-area hospitals and four national health organizations as part of its ongoing Slaight Family Foundation Seniors Initiative to support aging populations. Read more about this gift in Samaritan Magazine.

This generous donation will  allow Sinai Health to expand the number of acute care for elders medical units at Mount Sinai Hospital, provide hospital-level acute care in the homes of eligible older patients and expand the emergency department-based nursing program to weekends to help more seniors avoid unnecessary hospital admissions. Click here to learn more about how this gift will help seniors.

needle with vitamin b12

Dr. Samir Sinha, Sinai Health’s Director of Geriatrics, shares his thoughts around the usefulness of vitamin B12 shots, after a recent study out of Sunnybrook Hospital shows a number of seniors are receiving unnecessary vitamin B12 shots at a huge cost to our health care system. Watch on CBC’s The National.

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